Letter From Founder

I started UNTUCKit 12 years ago upon seeing a need in the market for a tailored shirt to be worn untucked. What a great run it has been!

I am proud to announce the launch of a brand-new line of apparel that I have no doubt will once again shake up the industry. Like most of you, during the pandemic, I had plenty of time to assess and reassess many aspects of business and life. I spent a good portion of that time thinking about what other clothing niches needed to be disrupted to create a positive change. After some preliminary research, the athletic apparel industry became the clear target. The in-depth research and analysis began. After ordering hundreds of products from well-known athletic brands, I quickly confirmed that the quality was well below average. The fabric pilled, shrunk, or stretched after only a few washings. Most significantly, the fit was inconsistent. Finally, my vision was coming into clearer focus.

After ordering hundreds of products from well-known athleisure companies, I noticed that, for the most part, they were good-looking and well-made. However, they were not designed with performance in mind – they were made to look good but not for a good workout.

Greatness Wins will take the apparel market to a new level by creating a whole new standard. Combining the highest quality fabrics with the cleanest and most attractive designs, we will create apparel that looks great but in no way sacrifices performance. And as we did with UNTUCKit, we will develop products with a consistent fit that will last.

With this vision fully realized, I had the opportunity and the privilege to partner with two of the greatest athletes of all time, Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky. Together, we launched Greatness Wins in June of 2022. Equally as exciting, our women’s line, which we plan to launch in the spring of 2023, is being curated by the incomparable Misty Copeland. We also all have our eyes set on the next great performance sneaker to be released sometime in the near future. We ask that you try our products so that you can experience what I envisioned.

Use code FOUNDER20 for 20% off.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and for supporting Greatness Wins.


Chris Riccobono

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