Have you ever wondered the impact the clothing you wear has on the environment? Greatness isn’t only about winning, it’s also about the top-tier coaches, trainers and fans who stand behind each athlete. In the same way, making great active apparel isn’t only about comfort, fit and durability. It’s about the people who create it, the materials it’s made from and its impact on our environment.

Did you know…

98% of our base materials are either Bluesign® or Oeko-Tex® certified, to keep harmful chemicals & dyes out of waterways and away from your skin.

80% of our shorts are made with recycled fibers. By using recycled polyester, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70% as compared to virgin polyester.

21,930 recycled plastic bottles were used to make our active shorts.

1.5K: Through Fair Trade®, we invest in the livelihoods of over 1.5K workers through our Fair and Safe supply chain brand impact initiatives.

Ethical Manufacturing

Greatness Wins partners with factories that promote and sustain fair labor practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility in the finished-goods factories, farms and mills.

Teams can only excel when team members thrive. Our playbook brings you the best active apparel with a social conscience.

Responsible Sourcing

We take into account the social and environmental considerations when sourcing materials. 98% of our base materials are either Bluesign or Oeko-Tex certified. 70% of our products are made with recycled polyester. This cuts the need for harvesting raw materials, keeps trash out of landfills and means we use less overall resources to make our products. Our recycled polyester fabrics are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified and some are made from REPREVE® yarns derived directly from recycled plastic bottles.

Climate Neutral

Small things done consistently add up to great things.

Over 50% of our products use GRS Certified polyester. By using recycled polyester, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70% as compared to virgin polyester. Our goal is to obtain Climate Neutral Certification by mid 2023. We are in the process of becoming Climate Neutral Certified. This involves in-depth audits and measuring our climate footprint so that we can accurately purchase climate credits to offset our carbon emissions. We will use these credits to fund qualified clean energy and reforestation projects. We are continuously updating our business strategies to minimize future carbon emissions.

At Greatness Wins we believe true greatness comes from within. The inner drive to push boundaries and test limits motivates us to always do better. Our sustainable fabrics perform at the top of their game so you can, too.


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