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Quick Drying Men’s Workout Shorts


Workout shorts are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. They are something that can be styled in many different ways for a range of events. Workout shorts are appropriate whether you are finally taking that step and booking your first personal training session or having a chill day out with some friends. 


Athletic Loungewear is On-Trend


At the moment, loungewear and 90s streetwear are making a serious comeback. Think oversized, comfortable, athletic, and grungy all at the same time. Mix Michael Jordan with Kurt Cobain, and you have the fashion cocktail for 2023 and beyond. For now, formal and tailored men’s clothes are reserved for only special occasions or work meetings. Other than that, athletic loungewear apparel is the popular vibe.

Even fast fashion brands have been jumping on the athletic loungewear train, with all the major brands releasing a celebrity-backed collection of loungewear and athletic-inspired clothing. But if you want workout shorts to become a staple within your wardrobe for many years, you need to inject quality into your wardrobe, not fast fashion.


Performance: Pro or Not 

The goal of every workout or sport is effectiveness. What you wear to a gym or outdoor physical activity can significantly impact your performance. For instance, putting on a high-quality tank for an intense workout like sprinting is crucial in creating necessary conditions and withstanding the rigorousness of the activity to ensure you perform at your best. 


The Workout Shorts

Workout shorts are something that looks good for all body types, which is not something that can be said about every piece of clothing. It is more versatile than most people realize and can be paired with a lot of different items in your wardrobe. For summertime especially, it is an item that can be reached for time and time again. 

On a Saturday shopping or going to brunch, workout shorts can be paired with a t-shirt, sweater, or light linen shirt for that perfect, nonchalant, stripped-back style Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson are known for. In a sports and exercise setting, the suitable workout shorts will make you feel like LeBron James or Serena Williams, which will elevate your mindset and allow you to hit your personal best 

You do not want to forgo quality for style; both should be present. Feeling your best will bring out your best. So when you are looking for the perfect pair of workout shorts, here are the features that should be present to ensure three things; they will last the test of time, they are fit for purpose, and most of all, they give you a boost when wearing them. 



The material of your workout shorts is the most critical feature to ensure the shorts are quality and fit for purpose. For exercising, one feature all workout shorts need is they have to be constructed from quick-drying material. There is nothing more distracting than damp material chaffing while trying to concentrate. Quick drying material is also convenient for loungewear in the summertime heat. Win-win! 

Shorts also need to be made from flexible and durable material. For lifting weights in the gym or playing on a tennis court, if there is zero flexibility in the fabric of the shorts, it will not be long before they will rip once they are put under pressure. Most workout shorts now contain a four-way stretch, which means they will stretch both horizontally and vertically. This level of flexibility makes the workout shorts more versatile for different athletic activities and more comfortable for loungewear.



The length of your workout shorts depends on what activity the shorts are needed for and the wearer’s body type. For athletic sports like tennis, five-inch shorter shorts are more appropriate. While a lot of weightlifters prefer their legs to be covered so they can concentrate on their form and the task at hand, so longer 9-inch shorts would be more suitable.

If the shorts are needed for a range of activities, or you would like to wear them for sport, and casually, regular-length seven-inch workout shorts are perfect all-rounders.



In every item of clothing, pockets are a great addition. It elevates an outfit knowing that extra pockets are available, and this statement is true for workout shorts too. When exercising, most people use their smartphone for music, a timer, or to monitor their vitals while completing their activity, so pockets are essential for a hands-free, comfortable workout. Even better are pockets with zips, especially for running. No one wants a smashed phone while trying to run 10 km. 

Some shorts contains holders in the liners for high-impact workouts like HIIT or cycling. For a more casual environment, pockets can still be utilized for obvious reasons like holding phones, car keys, and wallets. The more pockets, the merrier!



While all the other features mentioned are definitely factors to keep in mind when making your purchase, it is the style and color that will grab your attention initially. If you are looking for a versatile pair of workout shorts for sports and daily life, neutral colors are really having a fashion moment, and they can be paired with a greater amount of clothes. Think black, white, navy, stone, cream, beige, brown, and greys for the ultimate neutral palette. 

If you are utilizing the workout shorts for just gym or sports, they can be more vibrant or contain patterns if it is your style or vibe

It can be a minefield to try and find the perfect pair of quick-drying shorts when there is such a vast range of shorts to choose from. Here are three of the best quick-drying athletic shorts available for various body types and activities.


Top Three Picks For Men’s Workout Shorts


Outdoor Voices High Stride 5-Inch Shorts

These Outdoor Voices shorts are 5 inches in length, making them perfect for running, tennis, and other sports activities. They are constructed specifically for activities that involve high amounts of sweating as the material is quick-drying and moisture-resistant. The shorts are created from recycled material and are designed to move with you. There is a range of pockets within these shorts, some hidden, some not. These Outdoor Voices workout shorts are available in six colors depending on how big your love for color is.


Greatness Wins Core Tech Training Short

Greatness Wins Core Tech Training shorts are all about performance and quality. They are constructed from a moisture-resistant and quick-drying material that is breathable and anti-odor. They give the maximum range of motion and are perfect for all types of movement, including contact sports. They have two pockets that are angled to ensure no belongings can easily fall out of them, which shows how detailed and well-thought-out the designs from Greatness Wins are.

They are constructed with Okeo-Tex 100 chemical-free material and recycled plastic that uses flatlock seams to ensure that these shorts stand the test of time. They are a minimalist style and come in a range of neutral colors. These core tech shorts are mid-range in length and are perfect for a casual date with a potential love match as much as a date with the treadmill. They are a vital addition to a capsule, mindful wardrobe


Hylete Verge III Shorts

The Hylete Verge shorts are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of someone on the larger side or with muscular thighs and quads. Finding a pair of shorts or trousers that fit, are flattering, and do not chafe can be frustrating. 

The Hylete Verge III shorts are longer in length and do not ride up while lifting weights or squatting, which makes them the perfect addition for high-intensity workouts and casual wear for curvier body types. The waistband is both elastic and string for tailored comfort and support depending on the wearer. It is made from quick-drying material, making them perfect for sportswear. The only con with these shorts is that they do not come with a liner, as other workout shorts in their price range would. 

The Greatness Wins Core Tech Training Shorts is the top choice for quick-drying workout shorts that are versatile for many different activities. They are stylish and functional, making them the perfect option for athletes and the environment 


Greatness Wins

Greatness Wins is the athletic clothing brand of super-athletes Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky, Misty Copland, and e-commerce extraordinaire Chris Riccobono. The focus is on what apparel an athlete needs. In some brands, the quality of the clothes is reduced to add more fashion elements. But not with this brand; they put quality, durability, and construction at the forefront. Their signature clean and minimal style has created pieces that can move and work with the athlete, resulting in purpose-built, excellent clothes. 

The clothes are made from recycled plastic and are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, guaranteeing that only natural dyes have been used. They have used over 20,000 plastic bottles to make their shorts already.  

While their clothes are made for athletes of all levels, the cut of their shorts and other pieces is still a nod to modern fashion, making them perfect to wear to day events or casual weekend outings. They are a brand that has come to shake up the athleisure industry that has become complacent with quality and were just thankful they are here to make exercising that much more enjoyable. 

A version of quick-drying workout shorts can be found in nearly every fashion brand’s arsenal. But to find a brand that mixes quality with fashion and durability with performance is almost impossible. Very few brands can hit that level of craftsmanship, especially in today’s fast fashion era. Greatness Wins mantra and vision is just that: quality apparel made by athletes for athletes. It is ground-breaking how well it meets that brief.