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Ready for the Best Men’s Workout Shorts


Loungewear and streetwear have been revived in an ode to 90s fashion icons like actor River Phoenix and Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. There was a time when athleisure wear was seen only on celebrity rappers or people who were actually exercising. But recently, it has captivated the fashion world. Think basketball shirts meets grungy oversized hoodies paired with baggy jeans or workout shorts, for the ultimate statement in laidback, cool fashion. The fashion world knew that once Louis Vuitton partnered with the streetwear brand Supreme, athleisure was here to stay.  


Workout Shorts


Sporting apparel like workout shorts are a force to be reckoned with in men's fashion at the moment. Workout shorts especially are becoming incredibly popular due to celebrities like The Rock, Harry Styles, and Milo Ventimiglia all sporting a variety of daytime looks. 

Workout shorts are something that every man should have in their wardrobe as they give an understated look an oomph and can be styled in various different ways. There is a range of different athleisure workout shorts available in retail stores. Depending on a man's body type, they can come in various lengths, fits, and with different features. 


Investing in Quality 

When looking for the best garment for your budget, one of the main problems is trying to find a quality company where clothing is an investment. Most brands at the moment are all style but no substance, and the gym apparel category is one of the worst for this. 

A high percentage of clothes are created by fast fashion brands that release new clothes weekly that are made in a hurry from cheap materials. In a modern age when so many hot topics are centered around climate change and carbon emissions, a capsule wardrobe where clothes are curated for their versatility and quality is the way forward for the fashion-conscious but also the eco-conscious man. 

With that being said, selecting different pieces of athleisure wear, including workout shorts, should include looking at the quality of the garment, how it was produced, whether it will stand the test of time, and whether it is fit for purpose. By answering all these questions before making a purchase will result in an excellent collection of athleisure wear that any fashion forward man would be proud to own. 


Greatness Wins

One brand that can be relied on to fuse quality and style is Greatness Wins. Greatness Wins is a collaboration of three iconic athletes, Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky, Misty Copeland, and retail genius Chris Riccobono. These athletes were not happy with the quality of the sportswear available on the market at the moment, and they wanted no know where the active in athleisure had gone. 

This is where Greatness Wins comes in. It considers how much a professional athlete would move their body as much as a person who is just starting their fitness journey. It constructs products that are made for movement but also made to last. Each piece of clothing is created by highly specialized designers so customers can feel their best and reach for the stars while being supported by Greatness Wins. 

With the influence of Misty Copeland, the brand has a flair for fashion with on-trend neutral colors adding to the paired-back, relaxed look every celebrity and influencer is trying to imitate, but Greatness Wins seems to replicate effortlessly


Greatness Wins Workout Shorts

Greatness Wins have two different types of workout shorts depending on what activities and fit the customers' needs. Both shorts are similar, but with specific design differences depending on the intensity of the sport or activity. Their uses and specifications have been broken down to ensure the customers select the correct style for the correct performance activity, even if that is sipping cocktails at a bar on Saturday afternoon. 


Core Tech Training Short

These workout shorts are modern fitted shorts that could be easily worn to lunch on Sunday with your family as in the gym or sports arena. They are fitted so that when your body moves, the shorts move with it rather than against it. There's no riding up here during weightlifting or falling down during running. These shorts are perfect for low to high-impact sports such as yoga, soccer, weight lifting, and cycling.


Performance Training Short

These shorts are very similar to the core training shorts as they are made from the same material and constructed similarly. But Greatness Wins made these shorts with a flat drawstring waistband that can be uniquely tied to the inside or outside of the shorts. By adding these new design features, it gives wearers more support around the waistline, which some people need. For example, men with bigger quads and thighs but smaller waists may need to size up for leg width, and they can then adjust the waist with the drawstring.

Also, they have breathable pockets at the bottom half of the short for more circulation of air. If these shorts were used for a high-intensity workout like HIIT, the wearer would be happy with to have the ventilation. These shorts are best utilized for medium to high-intensity workouts like long runs, spinning, and cross-fit training


Material and Performance

They are constructed using a lightweight, moisture-resistant, quick-dry material. It has UP30 protection and anti-odor properties for protection while you wear the product. The lining of the shorts is made from Coolmax material which gives the wearer a light compression when you move, and it is shaped to be brief size, so it is undetectable.

These shorts remain breathable while you push yourself to the limits and give the maximum range of motion to ensure you can reach your personal best while you wear them.


Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Greatness Wins are a sustainable, climate-conscious brand. They are continuously looking for more ways to create excellent performance athleisure but not at the price of our planet.

The material for the core tech shorts is created from recycled plastic water bottles and is Recycle Standard (GRS) certified. It is also dyed using natural dyes, which is where Greatness Wins received its Okeo-Tex 100 certification. 


Construction and Fit

These shorts are expertly tailored by design experts. They are conscious of how the body moves, and ensures the clothes and body move as one. The shorts are stitched using a flatlock stream which ensures no ripping and quality for years to come. There are many intuitive features to these shorts, including angled pockets to ensure no possessions are lost and a back zipped pocket for more storage

Their sizes are inclusive, ranging from small to triple XL, and they come in four great neutral colors. These attributes give Greatness Wins shorts the versatility to be a staple in someone's wardrobe for years to come. 


Unisex Colours and Tailoring

Along with raising the quality bar in athleisure, Greatness wins clothing is unisex. They picked neutral colors that both men and women could wear comfortably. Also, these shorts are neither baggy nor super fitted, which means they could work for men and a slouch fit for women easily. Just another string on their bow for Greatness Wins. 


An Ode to Fashion

Greatness Wins made these shorts with the loungewear and athleisure trend in mind. They ensured that they were neutral and modern so that they have dual uses, both for exercise and relaxation, and why not? 

These shorts could be styled up with a cotton or linen white shirt for a Saturday date night beachy look or dressed down with a grungy hoody for a Sunday family day.  

Even better again, pair these shorts with a Greatness wins t-shirt for an on-brand, on-trend, fashion-forward look. It's time to show off your muscular thighs and calves with the help of Greatness Wins. 


Greatness Wins: A Superior Athleisure Brand

Greatness Wins embodies everything that they stand for; quality, inclusivity, performance, and affordability. It is clear that this is a brand that is made by professional athletes as it embodies everything that was missing from the performance sportswear sector. It fuses quality climate-friendly material with exquisite craftsmanship to give a sportswear brand that rises above the rest. 

For the superiority of this brand, one would expect the prices to reflect that, but it does not. For one of the founders, Derek Jeter, having his brand be available to buy for everyone who needs a boost in their fitness journey, wants to wear a superior athleisure brand, or is a fan of the founders was incredibly important to him. Prices for Greatness Wins start as low as $15 and above, so everyone can have quality that won't break the bank. 

Greatness Wins was launched only last year, and there are big things in the pipeline for this performance sportswear brand. Mitsy Copeland is fronting their new Women's collection that is set for release this year, and they are expanding their collection into various other sports clothing, including tennis and field-based games.

This is a brand to watch out for while it expands its product range and slowly becomes the frontrunner in everything sport and athleisure. 

As for their shorts, they are a piece of clothing that every man should invest their money into buying. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but they are also a great investment piece to have in their wardrobe. When they are on, it gives the wearer confidence as they seize the day and become the best versions of themselves as they can be.