Throughout my career, I have stressed the importance of recognizing
ballet dancers as both artists and athletes. The common ground between
artist and athlete is that our bodies are our instrument. Every time we
perform, we drive our bodies to go beyond, to achieve the extraordinary,
all while making it look easy. That’s why I am thrilled to join Derek
and Wayne, two of the most celebrated athletes of all time, in
introducing and growing Greatness Wins. I have always believed that
“greatness” lies in daring ourselves to dream and working hard to
achieve limitless possibilities. So, no matter where you are on the
journey to greatness, this team has created premium, innovative and
supportive gear that we hope will be a part of your workouts for years
and decades to come. We’ve launched the Men’s Collection, and I am so
excited to share the Women’s Collection in 2023.
Stay tuned! - Misty Copeland