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Can Lightweight Joggers Be Durable?

In the beginning, we had sweatpants. They were warm, fuzzy, comfortable, and great for lounging around on a relaxed day off or a lazy weekend day. 

For sports, though, they were mostly all wrong. Too heavy and too clunky, so much so that they lent a new meaning to the term “ill-fitting.” It was only a matter of time before a shift came, and that shift has resulted in the most durable, performance-oriented “athleisure” market. 

It’s been a fascinating transformation, but now another change is afoot. New companies like Greatness Wins are putting the word “athletic” back into this kind of clothing by offering quality, durable products that fit great across multiple sizes, and they’re also lightweight and suited for both high and low-impact workouts and sports. 

They’re some of the best joggers available on the market, and they’re designed to appeal to the needs of athletes and workout warriors.


Where Did Joggers For Men Come From?

So how did all this happen? Most people would scoff if you told them joggers were invented in the late 1800s, but it’s a true story.  Running as a sport and a form of exercise dates back to the original Olympics in Ancient Greece, but it fell out of favor until the return of the modern Olympic games in 1896. 

Once running and jogging resurfaced as a form of fitness and competition, it quickly became apparent that better clothes were needed. The man who invented them was Emile Camuset, a French clothing designer who founded his own sportswear company, Le Coq Sportif. 

In Camuset’s case, the invention was based more on need than fashion. He was a runner himself who’d grown sick of clunky clothing, so he began experimenting with different styles of pants and fabrics that would make it easier to run, and thus the jogger was born in 1920. 

Jump forward about a hundred years or so to around 2015, and you’ll see the modern jogger begin to emerge in different product lines. 

They were manufactured mostly by athletic clothing brands—think Adidas, Puma, Nike, and all their spinoffs—until a variety of contemporary designers began to use new fabrics to update the jogger into a personal brand that would meet their basic athletic and leisure needs. 


So What are Lightweight, Athletic Joggers?   

Now that we’ve traced the history a little, let’s catch up and do a little definition. Joggers have branched out a great deal in the last decade, to the point where they’re also known as sporty joggers, which are different from lounge joggers, everyday joggers, and so-called “smart” joggers, which represent a style trend all their own. 


The Organic Fit

For athletes, though, joggers have to have a specific look and feel. They need to have a thinner look and profile, and while they don’t have to be cut to be skin tight, one of the major design goals is to make movement as easy and seamless as possible, whether you’re running, weight lifting, or doing a light gym workout.


Joggers for Summer Wear

In addition, they have to be both comfortable and performance-oriented. That means modern technical fabrics that are breathable, sustainable, moisture-wicking, and odor resistant, so that a lifting session followed by a three-mile run is comfortable during every single workout.


What Makes Greatness Win Joggers Durable?

To stand up to the demands of daily workouts, athletic joggers are durable, and that’s where the Greatness Wins product truly stands out. 

They’re made of a combination of polyester and spandex that gives you the most comfortable fit possible, and they also deliver great performance when it comes to moisture wicking. They even offer a UPF 40 rating for those days when you need extra sun protection, along with girthy pockets for carrying small items like keys.

To prevent ripping and tearing, Greatness Wins incorporate Flatlock seams that are far better than those you’ll find in other similar products.

Some of them come with seams and inseams are major weak points in the fabric design, but in the Greatness Wins version of joggers, they’re a strength that helps provide durability. 

Durability is also about safety, and Greatness Wins has you covered there as well. GW joggers come with a reflective logo for visibility when you’re out for that twilight run, or jog, and that logo is something you’ll definitely want to show off once you start wearing these joggers. 


The Jeter/Gretzky Athletic Influence

Now let’s talk about the two guys who came up with the Greatness Wins logo. It wasn’t just a catchphrase—Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky were both superstar athletes who were considered the ultimate winners in their respective sports. 

They’ve spent time on the design and durability, too. Jeter has stated repeatedly that he wants his joggers to meet the same demands he had for his gear back when he was a Hall of Fame shortstop. 

And one of the reasons he came up with the brand is that he thinks today’s athleisure wear is geared too much toward comfort and leisure wear, which has left the needs of the modern athlete behind. 

Wayne Gretzky saw an analogous need for superstar performance in athletic leisure wear, but his preferences and orientation toward sports apparel were a little different. 

As a legendary hockey superstar, Gretzky became known for finding magical ways to put the puck in the net, but since he retired he’s become nearly as dedicated to performance golf and putting the ball in the cup. 

The Great One quickly became frustrated when he couldn’t find golf clothing that would move with him while keeping him looking good on the links, so he joined up with Jeter to design joggers with a perfect waistband that would keep him cool. 

Both Jeter and Gretzky had a knack for making their superstar feats look easy, and Greatness Wins joggers make it easy to work out as hard as you want. They’ll hold up under the toughest workouts and last year after year, unlike other brands that fall apart so quickly that workout gear purchases become an annual event.


The Greatness Wins Competitive Joggers Advantage

The proof is in the products, though, so the best way to understand the Greatness Wins difference is to go to our website,, and educate yourself about our products and how they’re made. 

Once you do you’ll see that this is the best athletic workout gear on the market, and you’ll want to make the GW logo a part of both your workouts and your daily life.