high impact mens joggers

What are High Impact Joggers?

If you work out hard, you want athletic apparel that can keep up with you. Whether you’re running, weightlifting, working out in the gym, or competing out on the links, you need gear that will keep you comfortable while helping you do your best. 

That means you need high-impact joggers, and you need to know which ones are best for a workout with plenty of impact. With that in mind, let’s take a tour of what to look for when you shop for high-impact joggers to meet your workout and sports needs.  

Products and Sourcing: Fabrics and Materials

Let’s start with the fabrics and materials and how to evaluate them. While fabrics like cotton and standard polyester may seem like a good fit for high-impact workouts, they can actually hinder your performance. 

We’ll use cotton as an example. It has some wonderful attributes when it comes to comfort, but doing a high-impact workout in a cotton t-shirt and sweatpants can actually make you feel like you’re swimming in your own sweat. It absorbs moisture very quickly, and it can even irritate your skin long after your workout is over. 

Conventional polyester isn’t quite as bad, but the cheaper versions of polyester that you see in some products are hardly ideal. It’s somewhat more breathable than cotton, but it has a nasty habit of trapping bacteria more quickly than other materials, which means you’re going to be able to sniff out how hard you worked out a few hours later. 

It also doesn’t dry well, which means if you want to use it constantly for your workouts, you’ll either need to spend extra money on multiple outfits or factor drying time into your workout schedule. 

So what do you want to use instead? The better, more expensive polyesters used in products like Greatness Wins high-impact joggers are a specialized blend designed to wick moisture while resisting odor rather than absorbing it. 

Many of the most popular polyester blends are known as poli-dry, which doesn’t trap bacteria and produce odors, and it wicks moisture better than other similar products.  

Now let’s talk about spandex. It gets a justifiably bad rap if you’ve ever seen it in action in old-school 80s workout videos but in today’s modern blends it's a versatile product that offers stretchability, toughness, and durability. 

In the Greatness Wins joggers, the blend of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex gives you the comfort and fit you need. 


Materials and the Science of Clothing Performance 

Now let’s talk about the science behind athletic clothing and workout performance. When you wear workout clothes that fit right and move with you, you tend to perform better. 

Scientists call this “enclothed cognition,” and the effect is real. Clothes have the ability to change subconscious behaviors, which can change how you act physically and mentally, leading to improved workout performances and a general feeling of well-being.

So the next time someone gives you grief for spending too much on your athletic gear, you can tell them that there’s scientific research that supports what you're doing. The bottom line is to get the best performance possible and to do that you have to buy quality clothing. 

So what’s the best fitness gear for you? It’s made of fabric that’s best suited for the kind of workouts you’re routinely doing to get active. 

If possible, you should also choose clothing options that are environmentally sustainable. Quality companies like Greatness Wins emphasize this in their manufacturing processes, and there’s a good chance you’ll get more use out of the material rather than discarding it after only a few workouts. 

Ultimately, when you stock up on gear made of the best fabrics so that you’re ready to go no matter what the conditions, and that will be the defining factor of your future workouts. Whether you’re doing an early morning yoga session or a high-intensity run at the end of the day, your athletic wear has to be able to do it all.  

Now let’s talk about high-impact joggers for running. Today’s running pants offer better mobility and breathability and are all-around more comfortable. 

There are several features you should consider. Joggers should sit on the ankle right above your socks, and you can also get them with ankle zips.

These long zippers, extending upward from the ankle cuff, allow you to take off the pants without having to remove your shoes. 

Another feature to look for is pockets. For a secure, bounce-free experience, you want pants with a rear, waist-height, zippered pocket. It should be built into the waistband for added security. Some pants also offer reflective tape along the seams to enhance nighttime visibility.


Running Materials Matter: Get the Best

For running, getting the right fabric is huge.  Men’s running pants are generally made with a wide variety of fabrics. The most common are polyester, nylon, cotton blend, fleece, and spandex. 

Each material has strengths and weaknesses, and manufacturers sometimes blend multiple fabrics to take advantage of a particular fabric’s strengths. Spandex or elastane, for instance, is often blended with polyester to add stretch. 

The materials in your joggers should also match your running environment. If you’re running outside on a cold and windy day, you need a ripstop or durable water repellent polyester blend that can repel rain and block the wind. 

If you’re doing a gym workout, for instance, breathability becomes far more important. You need joggers made of lightweight polyester or nylon, and a performance blend of cotton or fleece can give you the breathability you need as well.  

The cut for your joggers is crucial as well. They should be athletic or tapered so they have room through the hips and upper quads, then taper down through the ankles. Most true running pants feature an athletic or tapered fit. 

One of the most overlooked parts of well-fitting workout pants is the inseam length, which is the measurement of the inside length from the crotch to the leg cuff. A well-fitted inseam should naturally rest just above the ankle. If your inseam is too long, your pants will bunch around your ankles, which can be annoying during running. 


Why Go With Greatness Wins?

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