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Introducing the Most Durable Mens Joggers on the Planet!

For many athletes and workout warriors, finding the right men’s joggers can be a bit of a juggling act. The sheer number of product categories alone can be overwhelming, and it’s even harder to come up with a viable set of criteria for your purchasing decision. 

But it’s not nearly as hard as it looks. In this blog post, we’ll consider the category of lightweight joggers where the priority is durability. 

At first, this may seem like an oxymoron—how can something lightweight be durable, after all? Despite the seeming contradiction, though, there are some new great products coming on the market that will suit your needs, especially if you focus your search on Greatness Wins.

The new joggers from Greatness Wins simply do it all. They’re lightweight, they come in a wide variety of sizes, and they’re ideal for both low and high-impact workouts. They’re the best available product on the market, and they’re also among the most durable.  


Joggers and Durable Cooling Fabrics 

Regardless of the jogger category, the quality starts with the fabric. For lightweight joggers, that usually means a polyester blend with a small percentage of cotton, and the performance capabilities of these fabrics are truly impressive. 

In order to understand the durability of polyester, it’s necessary to do a bit of science. Polyester is made up of larger molecules, and these molecules are so big that they tend to intermingle, which makes it difficult to separate and break into individual units. 

So how does that translate with joggers? Because these larger molecules are harder to rip apart, it also means they resist tearing. 

And there’s more. Those same large molecules make it harder to stretch polyester, which means your polyester blend joggers will resist the kind of stretching that makes cheaper joggers useless once they get stretched out. 

They also won’t pill the way cotton and other natural fibers do, and it gives them the ability to handle the abrasion that comes from repeated machine washing. 

That means they don’t require any special care, so all you have to do is work out hard, wash them regularly and enjoy their natural longevity and durability. 

Companies like Greatness Wins are also adding more performance features to the already strong feature set of polyester joggers. Some polyester blends, for example, have been revamped to emphasize moisture wicking.

That means you’ll be comfortable even as you start to run or work out on a summer day, regardless of how much the temperature starts to rise. One fabric you want to avoid is fleece, which is more of a cold-weather performance product. 

Flexibility is important, too. Many polyester blends include spandex or viscose to add stretchability, which helps lightweight joggers move with you when you run or work out. 


The Lightweight Durability Factor for Joggers

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic fabrics used to design lightweight joggers, let’s go back to that obvious question we asked earlier. How can lightweight joggers be durable?

There are two answers to this question. One is in the quality of the fabrics themselves. They’ve advanced tremendously since the so-called “athleisure” trend became a genuine product category, and the best companies like Greatness Wins are either selecting the most durable blends or coming up with their own to make sure their products stand the test of time. 

In addition, many of the best lightweight joggers are weather-proof in a surprising number of ways. They’re made with a light polyurethane product that’s designed to repel water, and some of these coatings even come with a high SPF rating to help prevent heat absorption on a hot summer day. 

The second answer to the durability question is in the craftsmanship of the products themselves. Today’s lightweight joggers are designed by some of the top names in the industry, which means things like the quality of the inseam stitching, for instance, will be superb. 

There’s one more factor in the durability of these products that need to be mentioned—the athletes who are playing a part in the design. 

Greatness Wins is a perfect example of how this works. The two principals who founded the company, Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky, used athletic workout gear for years, and they developed an extremely high set of standards. 

The idea behind the product and the lightweight joggers was to transfer those standards to everyday products that could be used effectively by those looking for workout clothing that could allow them to perform to the best of their abilities and to stand the test of time as well. 


Added Features Contribute to Jogger Durability

Part of what contributes to the durability of joggers is its convenience features. Many have secure back pockets to help carry keys or your phone, and these pockets are often integrated with the waistband. 

That kind of integration also makes them close to rip-proof, especially when you add in double or triple stitching. 

Throw in moisture wicking, lightweight design and comfort, and you’ve got the perfect product for warm weather runs or high-intensity workouts where you’re going to be working up a sweat. 


Some Quick Checks for Jogger Durability

Now let’s talk about a few quick checks you can do to verify durability. 

Start with the fit. Do the joggers ride up onto the shins, or extend down over the ankles? Products with these issues are unlikely to stand the test of time if you’re doing hard workouts, especially if they’re a staple of your fitness routine. 

The waist fit is another important clue. If it feels uneven, too loose, or too tight, you’re not going to get the durability you’re after, and who wants to baby your gear during a hard workout?

Make sure you check the stitching, too. Is the back stitching loose? Do you see any irregularities or stitching lines that are jagged or crooked? Does it look like any of the stitches have been redone or corrected in one or more spots? 


The Greatness Wins Joggers Difference

Any of these signs should be a signal to move one, and that’s where Greatness Wins enters the picture. We only use high-quality materials, and both the design and the manufacturing techniques are impeccable. 

You can see the difference by going to, and you’ll feel the difference the minute you put them on. You’ll especially love the difference when you do your first hard workout, and you’ll be even happier when the great workout performance you get suddenly becomes repeatable—and you may even find yourself improving when you wear this gear!