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How Should Men’s Tank Tops Fit?


Men’s tank tops are a wardrobe essential for anyone who is fashion-forward or enjoys fashion in general. It is a part of a very limited category of fashion that is incredibly versatile and can be worn in a range of different ways. Tank tops can be styled with joggers and shorts for a comfortable daytime look, athletic wear for an outfit perfect for the gym, or tailored trousers and a blazer for a formal look with a modern twist.


Loungewear is Making a Comeback

In the last number of years, due to the pandemic, a more relaxed and loungewear-type style is having a rebirth. As a lot of people were isolated or working from home, the need for more tailored, formal wear was limited.

Men’s tank tops became a go-to item of clothing as they embody style with relaxation for the perfect pandemic pairing. Since then, no one has looked back, as loungewear and athletic-inspired apparel are here to stay.

 Like with anything popular and on-trend, it is reflected in social media and other popular advertising channels. Influencers and celebrities alike are enjoying a paired-back, comfortable aesthetic, which is shown in various celebrity-backed labels such as Skims, Yeezy, and Just Keeping Livin’, the clothing line developed by Matthew McConaughey.


The Versatile Tank Top

Currently, most global brands have a range of loungewear to suit any size, shape, and gender. Within every launch, there is always a variation of the versatile wardrobe staple, the tank top.

The tank top is an item of clothing that is often overlooked but can bring a number of styling options to any wardrobe. Whether you want to release your inner Jason Mamoa on the way to the gym or create a cool, nonchalant look like David Beckham or Ryan Gosling, the options are unlimited.

Every piece of clothing is only as fashionable and enviable when it fits the wearer properly, so how should a tank be worn? The fit of men’s tank tops is dependent on several factors. These factors include the wearer’s body type and the occasion.


How Should a Men’s Tank Top Fit?

Depending on the wearer, there is a range of tank tops to suit every body type. While there are many variations of the tank top, there are four main categories; slim fit, relaxed, long line, and athletic wear.


Slim Fit Tank Top

The slim fit tank has been revived from 90s fashion and is the most risqué fit of all the tank tops. It can only be appropriately worn if you have a fit or muscular physique. But when tucked into linen or tailored trousers, you have a trendy, grungy simple look that is straight to the point. They are versatile in that they can be layered using many different items of clothing to construct various outfits.


How to Style a Slim Fit Tank Top for a Formal Date Night?

Slim-fit tank tops can be easily used for a laid-back suave date night or formal look. Layering a men’s tank top with a light jacket, blazer, or an overshirt, can create a show-stopping outfit. But there are a number of rules that should be followed when creating your own evening look.

For a formal look with your favorite tank top, firstly, it should fall just below the belt or waist of your trousers. This length will ensure a relaxed fit without it looking too short.

Depending on your body type, if you are muscular, a more fitted look may be desirable, or if, like most people, you would look out of place on a billboard, try styling your tank top slightly looser. It should hang around half an inch from your body, and adding a tailored blazer will still give a formal look appropriate for a romantic date or night out.

Tank tops can be styled very easily for a formal look, but tank tops with slogans, bright colors, or patterns should be avoided to ensure a sophisticated outfit. Tank tops with designs such as stripes or tonal patterns, along with color blocking, will create an outfit that is mature and, better again, repeatable.

Something that really needs to be stressed is the amount of skin showing. Any shirt that shows nipples is not a shirt for a formal occasion or any occasion at all.

As with everything, a little goes a long way, and leaving something to the imagination is not old-fashioned; it is classy.


Relaxed Fit Tank Top

While a slim-fit tank top is more for a formal look, a relaxed-fit tank top is a daytime summer essential. It is the most straightforward fit to wear for most people as it isn’t incredibly tight or long.

These tank tops can be brighter and more colorful for a playful daytime look. But still, stay away from any lifting or gym slogans; you don’t want to be that guy. They can be paired with tailored shorts or jeans for a relaxed summer look.

Relaxed fit tank tops can also be worn in the gym for a comfortable look. Brands like Greatness Wins have a range of men’s tank tops that are versatile enough to be worn in both the gym and casually.


How to Construct a Saturday Shopping Trip Outfit Using a Relaxed Tank Top?

To ensure a successful daytime look using a men’s tank top, there are certain factors that will create a fantastic outfit with a great fit. If you inspect any male celebrity pictures, one of the factors you will always see is the width of the straps.

For a more fashion-forward look, the straps on the tank top should always be at least three inches wide. This adjustment will ensure the tank top is less revealing and will fit great on the bottom if it has the structure on top.

Also, it is better to have tank tops, armholes, and necklines smaller than bigger for a daytime look. For the gym, tank tops with more oversized armholes and lower necklines are ok to check out your form and muscles, but for a daytime or evening look, they are not appropriate.

Brands like Greatness Wins have excellent options for ensuring a great addition to your capsule wardrobe.


Longline Tank Top

The longline fit in a tank top is only for the fashionably brave. It is a fit that only certain people can pull off; if you are not slim or tall, then this one is not for you.

To make a tank top with a longline fit fashionable, it is best to keep it monochrome and stick to color blocking.

It is a versatile fit that can be used for night or day wear. It can be styled with tailored trousers on its own for a simple, refined look or layered with a cardigan or jacket for an autumn daytime outfit.


Athletic-Inspired Tank Top

It is evident that a tank top is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, but the most commonly used fit is the athletic-inspired tank top. The athletic-inspired fit is used for playing a range of sports or athletic games and for gym use.

Use sportswear that has good quality material with a great fit. Athletic tank tops should hang about half an inch from the body to ensure sweat doesn’t cling in massive patches.

Excellent athletic wear should be tighter on top to create a structure for the tank top to move as you are working out. This fit is usually very slimming and flattering on most bodies, which is why many people wear athletic wear for daytime and formal looks.

Athletic fit tank tops can have louder colors and slogans, but for them to be versatile enough to be worn for other occasions, like the Greatness Wins tank tops, it would be better to stick to more muted patterns and color blocking.


Athletic Wear Styled for Gym, Daytime and Formal Looks

One of the best quality and most versatile athletic brands to hit the stores in 2022 is Greatness Wins. They are the perfect example of using athletic brands for various looks. They have an athletic fit that is structured on top and loose on the bottom to ensure enough room to move, which makes their tank tops perfect for a range of laid-back, casual looks.

They are made with unique material which is soft and easy on the skin. Greatness Wins tank tops are color-blocked, which makes them perfect for styling with a blazer, cardigan, jack, or hooded sweatshirt, depending on your activity. Styling an athletic-fit tank top with a pair of jeans is the perfect winning daytime look.


Greatness Wins for Every Occasion

Greatness Wins is a performance sports brand created by sports legends Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky, and Misty Copeland. They are synonymous with quality and functionality, which is why they are so versatile in their styling and a perfect addition to any men’s wardrobe.

There is a range of different fits for men’s tank tops depending on where you are going and what type of outfit you want to put together. But an addition from Greatness Wins will ensure that you are ready for any unexpected events that may pop up. They create combined style, functionality, and fit to create the ultimate tank top.