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How Should Mens Joggers Fit?

When it comes to buying and working out in men’s joggers, fit matters, and so do sizes. It’s hard to do your best if your gear doesn’t accommodate you, especially if you’re doing a hard workout that involves plenty of exertion and stretching. 

But many people go into the buying process with the wrong attitude. Joggers are completely different from sweatpants, and if you don’t evaluate the fit properly, your workouts could easily be compromised. 

So let’s talk about the specifics of fit. We’ll evaluate every aspect of it—length, waist tightness, and how they should feel when you move. When we’re done you’ll be ready to buy the best men’s joggers for your workouts, and we’ll show you how Greatness Wins can give you the perfect set of joggers for your chosen sport and workout needs.  


How Should Joggers for Men Fit?

Men’s joggers will fit everyone slightly differently, but there are several important things to consider when you try them on.  

Length matters. Typically, joggers should typically taper at the ankle and end just above your shoes without extending over them. This is especially true if you’re a runner—the last thing you want to do is put yourself in jeopardy with a hanging piece of fabric that could make you stumble or even fall. 

One way to tell if you’re trying on high-quality men’s joggers is that the fit should be precise. It should leave you with a bit of skin or sock showing but extend far enough down the leg to give you protection from both weather or terrain if you happen to be going off-road for your run. 


The Sizing Question for Joggers

For most men, the formula for sizing joggers is simple—take your size for jeans, then subtract two inches for the inseam length. 

That’s your starting point. If the fit is a little snug, you should definitely go up a size, but it’s important not to go up more than a single number. You’re buying joggers, not sweatpants, and you don’t want joggers that are too loose if you’re doing a hard workout.


Should Guys Go Skin Tight When They Wear Joggers?

As a general rule, joggers should give you a “slim” fit that outlines the shape of your body, but they shouldn’t be skin tight. 

There are exceptions to this rule—some weightlifters and workout warriors love to have a tight outline that shows off their muscular quads and calves. That’s fine, but most people need to be able to move effectively when they work out, and a skin-tight fit can make that problematic.  


The Form and Style Factor

It’s also important to remember that joggers are designed to fit your form, regardless of how big you are. 

The goal is comfortable movement, even in larger sizes, so keep that in mind when you make your selection. The last thing you need is to be doing a high-impact workout and suddenly have to worry about whether your joggers are headed south on you as you move.  


Will Joggers Loosen Up Over Time?

The basic answer to this question is “yes,” but to some extent, this depends on the brand of joggers you buy. 

If you go with some of the cheaper products on the market, you can expect the fit of your joggers to deteriorate fairly quickly, in which case you’ll be buying again in a matter of months.

If you choose joggers from Greatness Wins, though, the fit equation changes considerably. Greatness Wins joggers are quality athletic products that are built to last with top-of-the-line fabrics put together by high-end athletic wear designers. 

That means you can expect years of comfort with little or no change in the basic fit you got when you bought them. 


Form-Fit and the Back-End Question

Another common question about jogger fit is about, well, the butt fit. It’s an awkward subject, but the recommendation is actually simple. 

Unless you’re doing a sport like urban dancing and you want to show off what you’ve got back there, your joggers should be tight but not skin tight. Once again, the emphasis is on moving easily, regardless of what you’re doing. 


How to Tell if Your Joggers are Too Tight or Loose?

One of the most common questions about the fit of men’s joggers is how to tell whether they’re too tight or too loose. 

Let’s start with too tight. There are two signs for this one—if the cuff of the pant leg is sitting up on your shin rather than just above your ankle, you may need to go up a size. Otherwise, the fabric will slide upward during your workout, which will be an unwelcome distraction. 

The second indicator that your joggers are too tight is if they’re skin tight to your thigh and quads. While this might be appealing to some, it will make it awkward if you’re doing a high-impact workout that’s based on having maximum mobility. 

Too loose is easier to figure out. If your joggers are shifting around while you’re moving or working out, you need to go down a size. The idea behind men’s joggers is that they should act like a second skin when you work out, not move on their own. 


Style and the Big Body Question

One of the most frequently asked questions about jogger fit has to do with those buying larger sizes. The question they have is usually simple: Will I look good in something that’s designed to silhouette my body?

The answer is just as simple: yes! One of the best things about the evolution of joggers is that look and style have improved exponentially, and at Greatness Wins one of our goals is to help athletes of all sizes and body shapes look good before, during, and after their workouts. 


The Greatness Wins Solution

At Greatness Wins, the design and fit of our men’s joggers were inspired by our founders, Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky. Their goal is to produce athletic sportswear that emphasizes quality and durability while meeting the needs of all athletes—professional, amateur, or casual, regardless of their shape, size or chosen sports and activities.

To find out more about what we offer, go to and shop for our men’s joggers. You’ll quickly see the difference in quality level, and when you buy a pair you’ll feel the difference, too.