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What are the Best Materials for Joggers?

Back in the day, we had sweatpants. They were ideal for lounging around the house, and if you were willing to put up with some discomfort and inconvenience, you could even play certain sports or work out in them.

Thankfully, those days are gone. Sweatpants have been swept away by the more available joggers, which are lighter, thinner, and more comfortable. They’re designed for sports and working out, so it’s a win-win for both daily use and athletic needs. 

For those who take their athletic needs seriously, though, you have to do a little extra shopping. Not every brand in the so-called “athleisure” category will work for tough workouts and sports competitions, so you need to check out companies like Greatness Wins. We only use the best materials for our joggers, so let’s break it all down and show you why our joggers are so superior. 


Evaluate the Materials

Let's start with the evaluation process. While there’s nothing wrong with hanging out in a pair of joggers on a lazy Saturday, for instance, these clothes really are specialized athletic garments that are designed to perform, so you need to think of them that way. 

So how are they different from sweatpants? Start with the fact that joggers are thin, lightweight, and flexible. They’re designed to move with you and provide maximum comfort and mobility when you work out or play sports, so that’s your primary criterion.   


The Best Material: Cotton Polyester Blend

Most joggers are made from a combination of cotton, fleece, and polyester. The nature of that mix is vital, though, depending on your sport or workout preferences.


Joggers for Running

Let’s take running, for example. If you’re a runner, you should consider a blend of synthetic fabrics designed for your run. They’re breathable, and they’ll also wick away moisture as you warm up and start to break a sweat. 

Look for blends with fabrics like viscose or elastane (i.e., the updated version of spandex) that will go the distance with you, and keep in mind that many of these blends are designed to be quick-drying as well. Technical joggers will do both, and they’re also designed to hold up as you accumulate more miles.  

If you’re doing a lighter gym workout that’s built around yoga or Pilates, for instance, your choice of materials may change some. 

Unless you’re doing power yoga or hot yoga, you want a blend that includes both polyester and warm cotton that will keep you warm and comfortable, with less emphasis on accumulating sweat or wicking away moisture.   

Regardless of your chosen sport or activity, though, keep in mind that your priority is comfort that’s based on the ability of the joggers to move with you. 


Jogger Materials and Fit

Now let’s talk about fit and materials. The most common style is a straight cut, which is exactly what it sounds like—the joggers stay straight along the lines of your legs, then get tighter down around your ankles. 

The primary variation of that fit is a slim cut. These joggers are usually made of some kind of synthetic fabric, and they’re designed to show off the thighs and calves. Not surprisingly, they’ve become popular among men doing weight training, and the material will usually be a light synthetic.  

Next up is the skinny cut, which is typically used for training sessions. Once again, the material is usually a lighter synthetic, and joggers made with a skinny cut are even narrower than their slim cut cousins. 

Regardless of the cut, the idea is to have the joggers feel like a second skin while you’re training. Once again, synthetics tend to do a better job of this than straight cotton and polyester blends, so keep that in mind when you’re considering materials. 

The final fit choice is a baggy is the final cut and in many ways, it's a residual style from the days of sweatpants. This kind of fit tends toward looseness, and the material is often a combination of cotton and synthetics. It’s become especially popular among those who do urban dancing as part of their workouts, but it’s less ideal for running or lifting.  


Materials and the Brand

One of the most important steps in evaluating materials is to consider the brand you’re buying and how the manufacturers handle the question of the material. There are dozens of jogger brands out there, but many are cheap knockoffs, and you can usually tell this from the description of the materials on their websites. 

How? To put it simply, the less information you see about the materials, the more suspicious you should be. The best companies will tell you what materials they’re using and why, and they’ll also tell you how they’re being sourced. 

Look to see who’s repping the brand, too. Is it being backed by a non-athletic celebrity? That might be a good sign that the brand isn’t ideal for working out, which is why it’s a good idea to go with joggers from a company like Greatness Wins. This brand is repped by Hall of Fame superstars like Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky, and they’ve both had an integral role in the design. 


Cotton Polyester Blend and the Style Question

While we’ve mostly talked about joggers made from materials designed for athletics and working out, there’s nothing wrong with looking good in your joggers. 

Joggers are typically found in a range of neutral, classic shades that typically range from black to navy to white or off-white. 

That means you can also choose your materials to create your own look by pairing them with polos, t-shirts, and other different tops. Style-wise, you’re looking for versatility, and the neutral shades should make it relatively easy to color match. 

Joggers that are made with lighter and thinner materials are easy to pair with sleeveless hoodies, tank tops, jerseys, and solid t-shirts when you’re not working out. Be sure to pick a slim and body fitting top layer, and remember how good you’ll feel when you’re working out. 


The Greatness Wins Difference

To understand the Greatness Wins difference is to go to our website,, and educate yourself about our products and how they’re made. Then shop around a little. 

Once you do you’ll see that this is the best athletic workout gear on the market, and you’ll want to make the GW logo a part of both your workouts and your daily life.